Sep 21 2010

Ode to John Keith, the 69 year old skydiver with Parkinson’s

John Keith, known by some of his colleagues as “the grandfather of computing”, is one of the most respectable and inspiring individuals I’ve ever met. He took me on my first skydiving experience about 4 years ago, a seed that I try to water at least once a year. He is widely respected in his field, and more importantly, has always had the right idea about living life. Even, today, living with Parkinson’s and fighting testicular cancer, at 69 years old and retired, he still sky dives 2-3 times a week. This “live your life as much as you can” attitude is an inspiration to everyone who crosses his path. I am fortunate to have had someone like that make an impression on me, in my 20’s, still figuring this whole life thing out. I try to go on as many adventures and have as many stories (good and bad) as possible. While the majority of people overprioritze the rat race, it’s people like John that reassure me that life and what you do with “your oppertunities” are most important.

As covered by CBS a few days ago, see John’s interview: