Mar 24 2011

ViHart, making math fun for normal people again

One Youtube video at a time

Mar 16 2011

Some Young Virginia creeper growing on the fence

Just wanted to share a pic. After winning a long battle with a number of vines in that same corner, a friend of mine identified this civilian in the midst of it all. I’ll allow it. More info about the plant here:

Forida Native Plant Virginia Creeper

Forida Native Plant Virginia Creeper

Mar 2 2011

Watermelon Garden – Week 5

The watermelon plants were very happy with the change in environment.  They started “walking” and flowering. PS. check out my Jalapeñ0!

Feb 25 2011

Guile Music + Church Dancer = Hilarious

Feb 23 2011

Solid-State Hard from USB Flash Drive

The hard-drive controller on the motherboard for this laptop went bad.  Instead of throwing it away, I decided to turn it into a Solid-State enabled laptop, for less.  My intention was to make a picture frame out of it.  I gave up on the picture frame once I got the OS and everything working.  I didn’t have the miter saw to make the frame at the time.  But here are some pics of the USB Cruzer as the boot up drive. Enjoy!

Feb 22 2011

Crazy Ass Goose!

Feb 22 2011

How to make “Guayaba y Queso”

1) Buy a Stick of Guava Paste
2) Put some Cream cheese on top
3) Enjoy the deliciousness

Feb 14 2011

Watermelon Garden – Week 3

Feb 14 2011

Aquaponics in the Yard – Week 2

So my PH went down-good
My Ammonia went down- good.
But my Nitrites are still high, and my tank is still cycling, so I cannot replace any of the fish yet. Other than that, here are some pics.

Mint Aquaponics 2 week root growth

Feb 4 2011

Watermelon Garden – 2 weeks from seed

Watermelon Sprouts