My name is Kristopher Vinas, and I found out a long time ago that (at least for myself) to specialize in one thing was to be forever bored.  I’ve spent my entire life pursuing something between:

“do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”  and “work hard early, so you can enjoy life early”.  At this point in m life I’ve embraced the idea of going with the flow and mastering everything as I go.

I started programming when I was 12 years old.  Started playing percussion since I was 13.  Started rebuilding engines and painting cars on my front yard (neighbors hated me) when I was 15, and have been an outdoors man and fisherman since I can remember.  Except for working on cars for myself now, I still do all of the above.  I’ve picked up welding, fiberglass repair, and recently, all aspects of residential construction.  I’ve also recently picked up photography, and the list keeps growing.  I wish I could just specialize in one thing, but my wife can tell you, I can’t.

I have pictures of a million of my projects and will post them up as I find time to help people working on similar things.  ie. When I was painting a Waverunner with Awl Grip for the first time (which I found absolutely no helpful online sources at the time),  my first Alligator Hunt (again, not something explained clearly online).  Hopefully, the explanations of my trials and tribulations will help people learn from my mistakes.  I am willing to open up the site to others, I know there’s plenty more JOAT’s out there.  Just shoot me an email.