May 5 2012

Bicycle Crank Arm Repair

A friend of mine gave me a Huffy with the pedals stripped clean off of the crank arms.  The thread in the crank arms was completely stripped.  After calling a few bike shops, and looking online, it seemed that replacing the crank arms on a Huffy isn’t worth the money, just buy a new bike.  I was happy to have a bike with shocks, I wasn’t about to give up.  So I simply repaired them.

Simple concept:

Fill the pedal holes in the crank arm (Weld them shut)
Grind for aesthetics
Drill the holes in the crank arm
Replace the pedals

Most hardware stores do not carry the necessary tap, you may have to order it online.

So I ordered the tap, bought some cheap, rugged pedals on eBay, and waited.

While it is recommended for that tap to use a a 33/64 drill bit,  I found that a 32/64, or 1/2 inch bit, will suffice.

Here are the pics.  It was a Saturday job.