Bear Island WMA Scouting Session

After a 2 year hunting hiatus, I decided to get back in the saddle, or “back in the boots”, better said, and decided to go hunting last year.  With school, rebuilding my home, and work, I had no time to put into the woods.  Hunting Florida Wildlife Management Areas all of my life, you’d think I’d remember, but I forgot, that in order to get in on the hunting you had to apply for quota hunts early.  So I was officially out.

I spent my time carefully mapping out the quota permit application dates, and areas I wanted to hunt.  I applied for Alligator, and was denied.  This gave me more fuel for the regular season.  So come application day, I was on it! Apparently, so was everyone else, because I got slim pickings. I was unsuccessful left and right, except for a couple of permits, one being in Bear Island, for Archery.  So I packed my gear and headed out.

As usual, in this time of year, the Everglades welcomed me with lots of water to slosh through, check out a video here:

All in all, it was a nice to be out there.  The strange thing was, I didn’t see any tracks or traces of deer around (or hog for that matter).  I have some other areas in Big Cypress where I frequent and the deer tracks are around.  I found what looked like a good area to put my tree stand, and I’ll be there, Walden in hand, waiting for the game to show.  Here are some point and shoots of the area.

And a video:

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