Mudding in a Drought?

So, this weekend we decided to give “mudding” a second try.  Except for a few small showers, we haven’t had any rain here in Miami for a couple of months now.  Combine this, with the South Florida Sun, and there is no mud, just moist dirt.  So the question is, “did we go mudding?”. Well, that’s all is perspective I think.  Mudding fanatics take their jacked up 4×4’s and push them to the limit until they get stuck, flooded or break something.  There is no mudding this time of year in Miami, it’s bone dry out there.  Anyone with a truck that can handle some serious mud, may as well be on the pavement.  But for some of us, this means we can take our regular trucks into the woods and see how they handle on soft dirt.

We get stuck, we improvise, we get out, and in the end, feel proud of what we accomplished.  2 2-wheel drive trucks with good tires, and 2 4×4 trucks with city tires, make for a good time.

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