Aquaponics in the Yard Week 10

About the Aquaponics. This is about the time where I move on to something else. Lately it’s been hiking and engineering mainly. But to touch base on the Aquaponics subject.

I threw a few dozen feeders in the tank which died over a period of 3 weeks again. Instead of removng them, I left them in there, to make the wate super nutrite-rich for the plants. The green pepper seemed to be the only one to enjoy it.

At this pont, the only plants that I can call success with this deep water nutrient technique was the cilantro and definitely the mint, which seem to so well in any system for that matter.

The lettuce was also a success. I am going to change the system now. I plan to plug the current drain, and begin to drain the PVC lower. Thus creating a nutrient film this time.

I may also use a timer versus the constant flowing system. I beliee this will make the strawberries happier and reduce rotting.

So next on the menu,
Drill a hole to drain the system almost completely. Put a timer. Increase the oxygen pump. Change the fish to oscars (while giving away the Koi).

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