Mar 27 2011


Mar 24 2011

ViHart, making math fun for normal people again

One Youtube video at a time

Mar 24 2011

Gallery Updates

I didn’t want to repost them, but FYI, there’s some Gallery updates in the Costa Rica and Portraits section. and

Mar 16 2011

Some Young Virginia creeper growing on the fence

Just wanted to share a pic. After winning a long battle with a number of vines in that same corner, a friend of mine identified this civilian in the midst of it all. I’ll allow it. More info about the plant here:

Forida Native Plant Virginia Creeper

Forida Native Plant Virginia Creeper

Mar 15 2011

Watermelon Garden – Week 7

Week 7, the Watermelon plants, continue to walk, and are blooming yellow flowers.  I have been slacking with the watering, sometimes 3 days pass and I don’t water them.  I will have to come up with a automated system if I want to enjoy some watermelons.  I don’t have the time to do a sprinkler system, but some irrigation hose and a timer may do the trick for this season.

Also, the Jalapeño plant that his hitchhiking these posts, is doing well.

Mar 15 2011

Aquaponics in the Yard – Week 6

Engineering Midterms made it a little crazy to update, so here a summary of the last two weeks.

The bell pepper plant didn’t make it.  It never had any new root growth, and started to deteriorate until it competely turned brown.  The new feeders kept dying so I left the original four or so and they survived.  The mint did well underneath, but the lettuce is still suffering.  It’s root ball has not completely decended like the mint.  I added two Koi fish to the tank and they are doing fine.  I also purchased pellets that I’ll start using once the flakes run out for the fish. 

The cilantro and mint are doing well, and the lettice is starting to rise so it’s about time to harvest.  I was told to harvest it before the flower shows, otherwise it will taste bad.  For the next round I will be planting Iceberg lettuce, on the underside, and on top, to compare.  The mint will stay permanently below, and I will grow the tomatoes and peppers on top.  The strawberries and coming out small, and I am definitely having root rot issues with some of them.  A drip began coming off of one of them and was killing the plant below.  I keep eating a strawberry here and there weekly but it’s not enough to justify the system right now.  I am hoping the other veggies will make up for it, but I need to add more fish.

I noticed, as the root balls grew, the water flow went down, and I believe I am getting root rot because of this.  I plan to drill a lower drainage hole to bring down the water level, in hoped that this will decrease the root rot problem.

Mar 2 2011

Watermelon Garden – Week 5

The watermelon plants were very happy with the change in environment.  They started “walking” and flowering. PS. check out my Jalapeñ0!

Mar 2 2011

Aquaponics in the Yard – Week 4

Well, it’s been a month now, and the Romaine lettuce is looking good (but what do I know). I picked the rest of the strawberries which,by the way were the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever eated. If only they were bigger.
I put in 5 new feeders in the tank this week, and lost all five over the course of the week. My originals are in good shape and it’s been 3 days with no deaths. I’m narrowing it down to too much temperature/not enough oxygen. That, or just a diseased batch of feeders. I have a donated larger air pump I’m throwing into the rig, and I will add healthy fish, to see what happens. I would also like to add some more Hydroton in the place of gravel, but 60% of it floats even after soaking it in water.

I’m finally getting some growth and health coming from the bottom set of plants. The bell pepper and habanero are taking their time to kick in. Engineering classes and work are kicking my butt now, so the posts will be rather short for a little while. Here are some pics.