Feb 25 2011

Guile Music + Church Dancer = Hilarious

Feb 23 2011

Solid-State Hard from USB Flash Drive

The hard-drive controller on the motherboard for this laptop went bad.  Instead of throwing it away, I decided to turn it into a Solid-State enabled laptop, for less.  My intention was to make a picture frame out of it.  I gave up on the picture frame once I got the OS and everything working.  I didn’t have the miter saw to make the frame at the time.  But here are some pics of the USB Cruzer as the boot up drive. Enjoy!

Feb 23 2011

Aquaponics in the Yard – Week 3

This week I put in four more feeders into the tank, but only 2 survived, I;m guessing they were just sick.  All water readings are stable, and the 7 live fish, are swimming and eating without any problems.  To make room for some peppers on top, I moved one lettuce and the bushy Mint tree to the bottom (over the reservoir).  They both went limp as you can see.  The water it not reaching the bottom of the new pots, so they are suffering.  I do see some root growth on the lettuce so I have high hopes for it.  On another note, the strawberries are doing great.  Looking forward to see the next batch.

Feb 22 2011

Crazy Ass Goose!


Feb 22 2011

How to make “Guayaba y Queso”

1) Buy a Stick of Guava Paste
2) Put some Cream cheese on top
3) Enjoy the deliciousness

Feb 19 2011

Watermelon Garden – Week 4

This week I got some free mulch from the City, I slimmed up the Watermelon Garden and pulled some weeds.  Here’s the result:

Feb 14 2011

Watermelon Garden – Week 3

Feb 14 2011

Aquaponics in the Yard – Week 2

So my PH went down-good
My Ammonia went down- good.
But my Nitrites are still high, and my tank is still cycling, so I cannot replace any of the fish yet. Other than that, here are some pics.

Mint Aquaponics 2 week root growth

Feb 10 2011

Aquaponics in the Yard-Day 11

2 days ago with 4 fish left in the tank, I did the following to reduce ammonia.
50% water change
Ammonia still at danger
90% water change
Ammonia went down to stressful

This took about 4 hours as I put water in 5 gallons at a time, after dechlorinating and thermostabilization. I only lost 1 fish overnight to that. Also I filled a basket pot with bio rocks and put it at the bottom of the reservoir, with the pump inside.

Today, I came home to 3 dead fish, but stable ammonia. Also nitrites and nitrates are high, so I can see my tank is finally cycling. It two days, I’ll show plant progress. And when my levels go down, I will put some more fish back in. For now I can conclude that all my fish are dead due to ammonia or nitrite poisoning. I will continue to “feed the fish” daily to at least provide an ammonia supply to the system.

Feb 7 2011

Aquaponics in the Yard-Day 8

Quick update. Fasting the fish for two days didn’t help. I lost two more fish, and the ammonia is still high. For the sake of the single fish or two left, I will wait a few days for another water change. Tomorrow I will pick up some fish gravel or something else that will give more room for the nitrites to grow. On a good note, nitrite levels are increasing so it appears the tank is beginning to cycle.