Flexible Vinyl Paint


This is pretty much like plastic painted with car paint.  Kind of like vinyl but not at all.  It actually has a clear coat on it that can be wet sanded, buffed, etc.  As far as production, it’s cheaper to paint cars, but for aftermarket paint jobs, this is the future.

In order for those of us who are shopless to paint a car, we need a makeshift booth or spend $150 to rent one at a shop.  Yes it will take approximately two cars to come out half bad in order to learn this (just like base coat / clear coat) or Awl-Grip for that matter.  But once the skill is obtained, a car can be prepped at home and then this material applied.  Also, there’s no issue with moisture, baking of the paint, etc.  It will have some growing pains, but with the popularity of car wraps right now, I see this taking off.

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